There has been a lot in the media about phase 1, 2 and 3 and what businesses are going to look like post COVID-19. With restrictions easing, businesses are starting to open up and have their staff return to work. Some of your personnel may have been made redundant, some have not been working at all, whilst others have been on reduced hours. Some of your people may have been working from home and others have been at the workplace every day and are wondering what all the fuss is about.

  • What does the return of staff to the workplace look like for your business?
  • Do your position descriptions need to reflect a new workplace or organisational structure?
  • Did staff formerly report to someone who is no longer there?
  • Have you determined that a certain task just doesn’t need to be done anymore?
  • Was someone undertaking a full-time role, that now could be part-time?

There are so many new ways to look at your personnel….but only if you comply with the legislation. It’s definitely not the time to go it alone.

As you ramp up your business for the new way forward, it is also timely to look at things from a people management perspective. Are you able to utilise the new clauses within the Fair Work Act and Awards to support amendments to you staff structure, personnel changes or reducing annual leave accruals? Or are you  finally able to update those employment contracts, focus on training and development and performance management plans.

If you need another opinion or even just a sounding board to ensure you are doing things right – contact GPHR now to discuss!